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     Originally named Fuse, Less Than After began as a collaboration of local musicians brought together for a one-night engagement. The group, made up of Philip Corzine, Mike Cantu, Dennis Lozano and Andrew Painter, opened for Jeremy Camp in 2008 as mostly a cover band and enjoyed playing together so much that they kept meeting and were soon working on more original music.

     As they grew closer, LTA felt compelled to use their gifts to serve the community. The band started sharing their heart for worship with churches, youth groups, and others around the Rio Grande Valley, even playing larger events like Disciple Now and Island of Praise.

     While LTA suffered the loss of their dear friend and drummer, Dennis, in 2011 and other members have been called to different ministries, the band continues to exist to see people come to know Jesus. "Our heart is to lead people to a place where they honestly and sincerely praise the Creator of heaven and earth. We want people to be compelled by the message of our music, and inspire them to sing worship songs that bring them into His presence."

     It is with this desire that LTA entered the studio and recorded its first album in the spring of 2011, and Beautifully Broken was released the following November.

     The freshman album was largely written by the band's front man, Andrew Painter, and his beloved wife, Aranda, and boasts worshipful tracks like "Here I Am" and "God Be Merciful," as well as hard hitting tunes like "On and On" and "Broken Down You." "The most amazing part of this recording process," said Painter, "was having the opportunity to work with a producer like Brandon Bee. I learned so much just being in the room with him." Bee has worked with diverse artists like Grammy Award nominee/Dove Award winner Stacie Orrico and Juno Award nominee/Island Award winner Matthew James, and most recently produced Circleslide's exciting 2011 CD, Echoes of the Light.

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